Real estate appraisal does uphold an important status in a prosperous society for it is not just the main source of income to government but also the security of a mortgage loan. The fairness and cooperation of real estate order could be improved through professional real estate appraisal.

Sinyi Real Estate Appraisers Firm , the predecessor of Sinyi Real Estate Appraiser Office, was awarded with the 7th Excellent Award after its incorporation in 1989. Sinyi Real Estate Consulting Co., Ltd., is also the first appraisal organization in Taiwan that receives ISO 9001 certification and with sufficient experience and information accumulated for the preparation of "Real Estate Statement" and "Property Title Inspection Report." Sinyi Real Estate Appraiser Office, does have sufficient market information of real estate and with database established that contains influential information of governmental regulations, traffic construction, urban planning, and national construction to help determine reliable market value. The appraisal profession of Sinyi Real Appraiser Office is reliable to customers and general public.