The Strength of Sinyi

  • The first certified appraisal firm in Taiwan.
  • Integrated resources of direct-sale brokerage with more than 7,000 transactioned every year data established for prompt and precise appraisal quality.
  • Data collection on real estate with problems or safety risks through out years, for example, data file of sand house, radiation house, homicide house, perished house, etc.
  • Offer complete real estate service, in addition to appraisal service. There is also the integrated professional service provided to customers by Sinyi Realty Inc., Sinyi Title office and interior decorator.

Management Team

Appraisal process is to be executed by experienced appraisers. While searching for a partner, in addition to college education and professional background, we have our mind set on responsible and enthusiastic individuals. Therefore, we embrace the spirit of responsibility and enthusiasm and have university professors and professional instructors contracted for service. Periodical training courses are arranged to help our staffs absorb advanced concept and information, control market movement, and form the best management team in this profession.

  • 1982 First introduction the standards of "Title Inspection Before Trade"
  • 1989 Prepare fine real estate resume upon the completion of title inspection
  • 1992 Establish computerized process for real estate resume
  • 1994  Database of trouble transactions
  • November 1995 Control radiated house inspection
  • July 1996  The standards of title inspection procedure is awarded with Excellence Award
  • September 1997 First ISO 9001 Certified appraiser in Taiwan
  • January 1998 Tayuan, Hsinchu, Taichung, Tainan and kaohsiung branches established
  • December 1999  National Teamwork Circle Contest Golden Trophy awarded
  • June 2002 The first appraiser office in Taiwan